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Books illustrated by famous cartoonist Jean-Jacques Sempé, available for free reading and download. Jean-Jacques Sempé, which is commonly referred to Sempe (born in 1932) - French cartoonist. He is known for his illustrations for the series of children's books, created in collaboration with Rene Goscinny, as well as the poster illustrations, written from life. As a young man, Sempe was expelled from school, and then was unable to get a job in the post office. Then he joined the sales agent - seller of tooth powder, as well as to deliver wine on a bicycle. In 1950, giving incorrect information about his age, he was able to join the army, which was in trouble, as he was caught for drawing on the outpost. After the Army, he moved to Paris and began working with Rene Goscinny. His career as an artist began in France with the writing of Franco-Belgian comics. One of the main characters - Little Nicolas. We offer to enjoy the work of this original artist, please refer to our online collection of his works.

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